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Honor the Earth's 4th Annual Love Water Not Oil Tour 2016

JULY 18TH - JULY 31ST 2016

We invite the public to join us in July for our 4th Annual Love Water Not Oil Tour. Our battle against these pipelines is heating up and we are building our resistance. Together we will stop them. 

In July we will ride horses and paddle canoes along the proposed pipeline route, upstream against the current of the oil that will never come.   We will connect with the land spiritually and build our power at feasts and concerts along the way, with awesome musicians and freshly harvested wild rice, celebrating the abundance of our Anishinaabe Akiing.

Bring your horses and canoes and join us!   The tour begins in Twin Ports July 18th and ends on July 31st in Duluth.  The horseback ride will be from Twin Ports to Rice Lake (White Earth), from July 18-26th.  See below for details.  If you plan to join us for any part, or if you're interested in sponsoring, organizing a group, donating, or volunteering, please contact events@honorearth.org to sign up.   


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We rely on your donations to sustain and grow our efforts to build a just, green economy in Native communities. Your contribution directly supports targeted organizing, strategic outreach, media and education campaigns, legal interventions, and renewable energy projects. We are up against some of the largest energy corporations and lobby groups in the world and we need your help to make real change!

If you prefer to donate by mail please make your check payable to “Honor the Earth” and send to:

Honor the Earth
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If you do want to donate online but your donation is larger than $2,000, please call our office at (218) 375-3200. Miigwech!

You can learn more at honorearth.org 


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