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This is the Official online shop for Honor the Earth. All proceeds go toward our initiatives to protect sacred lands, stop extreme fossil fuel extraction at the source by supporting frontline Native communities, and to cultural revitalization initiatives. Your purchase supports our work ... Miigwech! 

About Honor the Earth

Honor the Earth is a Native-led organization, established by Winona LaDuke and Indigo Girls Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, in 1993 to address the two primary needs of the Native environmental movement: the need to break the geographic and political isolation of Native communities and the need to increase financial resources for organizing and change.

As a unique national Native initiative, Honor the Earth works to a) raise public awareness and b) raise and direct funds to grassroots Native environmental groups. We are the only Native organization that provides both financial support and organizing support to Native environmental initiatives. This model is based on strategic analysis of what is needed to forge change in Indian country, and it is based deep in our communities, histories, and long-term struggles to protect the earth. 

We believe a sustainable world is predicated on transforming economic, social, and political relationships that have been based on systems of conquest toward systems based on just relationships with each other and with the natural world. As our mission states, we are committed to restoring a paradigm that recognizes our collective humanity and our joint dependence on the Earth.

This is Manoomin, "Food that Grows on the Water" 

Photo by Jolene Yazzie

Pipeline Free, Anishinaabe Harvest

As reported in June 2015, Minnesota tribe invokes treaty rights in fight to stop pipeline, "Proposed $2.5 billion Sandpiper pipeline would cut through White Earth Nation’s wild rice beds harvested for centuries," you can help directly impact our communities, and yours. 

Being a part of purchasing program our traditional Harvest directly supports helping us in our work, and supports this land based way of life.

Spotted Horse Coffee Blends

- Family Muskrat Rez Roasted

Help directly to create local employment in our community, where half of our people are below the poverty level, yet many of our people continue our way of life in the woods, and lakes, harvesting from our lands and waters. Being a part time coffee roaster, or helping in our work, supports this land based way of life.

This is coffee for the people and by the people. 

We are extremely grateful for your support.  You make this movement possible!

We rely on your donations to sustain and grow our efforts to build a just, green economy in Native communities. Your contribution directly supports targeted organizing, strategic outreach, media and education campaigns, legal interventions, and renewable energy projects. We are up against some of the largest energy corporations and lobby groups in the world and we need your help to make real change!

If you prefer to donate by mail please make your check payable to “Honor the Earth” and send to:

Honor the Earth
PO Box 63
Callaway MN 56521

If you do want to donate online but your donation is larger than $2,000, please call our office at (218) 375-3200. Miigwech!

You can learn more at honorearth.org