The Art of Indigenous Resistance: Call for Artists

Open call for art! Individual artists are invited to apply to this call. 

Dead line is March 3, 2017

The Art of Indigenous Resistance is a traveling exhibition of work by indigenous artists curated by Honor the Earth. The exhibition is made up of both printed and original works of art that highlights Honor the Earth’s 32 years of Indigenous outreach and community resistance in correspondence with the art and activism theme. We would like to add to the exhibition new works of art highlighting social & environmental injustices across indian country. This exhibition is purposefully shown in urban communities to highlight where most metropolitan areas get their water, energy, food. This exhibition is going into its fifth year. 

Shows lined up for 2017 are: Salt Lake City, UT, Toronto, San Francisco, Bellingham, Los Angeles and Claremont, CA. 

Current Artists: John Isaiah Pepion, Jaque Fragua, Votan, Gregg Deal, Nani Chacon, Kim Smith, Tom Greyeyes, Jackie Fawn, Remy Fredenberg, Jaycee Beyale, Lucie Skjefte and more

For more information contact: Kim Smith 

Graphic design by: Alexandra Barton