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HONOR THE EARTH is committed to Standing Rock Reservation opposing Dakota Access pipeline

Honor the Earth is committed to working with the people of the Standing Rock Reservation to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline. We are supporting our relatives at the Red Warrior Camp (direct action camp) where we have put our Honor the Earth tipi at the camp as a stance of our support with our team as well supporting Sacred Stone Camp. Over the course of the past days, we have been there... with legal counsel, media, and hard working Anishinaabe people to say that we do not want the Enbridge Sandpiper in our territory nor do we want the Dakota Access pipeline.

North Dakota - NODAPL

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North Dakota officials were quick to point out that those opposing the pipelines had not been at all the public hearings in the state on the Dakota Access pipeline; but from having attended over 30 public hearings in Minnesota on the Sandpiper; and having seen clearly that our words were not part of the public record or decision making; it was not difficult to see how people do not believe the system would work; nor that in North Dakota, a place full of oil interests, that any Indigenous , or other voice of reason would have been heard. We must all work together. We are very pleased to see that the International Indian Treaty Council filed action at the United Nations.. That is the forum for the violations of treaties and the lack for due process and justice in the US court system.

I always remember what Chief Frank Fools Crow said; "the court of the thief."Let us hope for justice and let us work together. - Winona LaDuke, Ex. Director of Honor the Earth

Standing Rock Sioux Issue Urgent Appeal to United Nations Human Rights OfficialsRead more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2016/08/20/dakota-access-pipeline-standing-rock-sioux-issue-urgent-appeal-united-nations-human