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The Magic of Parching - Manoominike Giizis, the Wild Rice Making Moon.

The Magic of Parching. It is Manoominike Giizis, the Wild Rice Making Moon.  For thousands of years, Native people have gone to these lakes, listened to the sounds of rice hens, geese, cranes, and swans fly overhead as we pole and knock through thousands of acres of manoomin.  Manoomin or wild rice also feeds the bodies and spirits. 

This region is the only place in the world where wild rice grows. Zizania Aquatica  is endemic, from this place, and the wild rice ecosystem of Northern Minnesota, Ontario, Manitoba, Wisconsin and Michigan. The Anishinaabe call this the wondrous grain. 

There is magic to this food.  

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Manoomin: Food That Grows on the Water by TheWays.org

The Importance of Manoomin to the Ojibwe People.

Keep this tradition going for all Anishinaabe people, “because we believe if we stop that tradition, the world is going to stop. That’s why it’s important for Indian people to keep on with our traditions and our spiritual thinking because if we stop, what if the world does stop?”