Artist: Anishinaabe Woman Water Protector Tshirt

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From Painting to Tshirt: This painting is by Votan (NRSGNTS), an indigenous artist, and is a huge mural in downtown Duluth, MN. Our Water Protector is an Anishinaabe woman, who is looking over the greatest of the lakes--Gichi Gummi. She is facing with prayer and the power of the Natural world, the greed of the Wiindigo, the fossil fuel industry, mining and lumber barons. She is powerful. Currently SM, MED and LRG is sold out, BUT, we have reordered them so you can still order. We expect shipment before the holidays.

Women's Sizes SM - 2XL + Youth sizes XS-XL

Garments are 100% Cotton - Size chart unavailable but the women’s is fitted.

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