NEW! "Water is Sacred" Women's Festival Sleeveless V by Christi Belcourt


Water is Sacred on a stunning antique gold + antique denim women’s v sleeveless shirt. Antique denim are in printing production. Expected shipments for this product will start Dec. 1st.

- Women are water protectors “Water is Sacred,” artwork by Christ Belcourt with Isaac Murdoch of the Onaman Collective. From the wild rice lakes of Minnesota to the Klamath River Basin in Southern Oregon and Northern California, Flint Michigan, the Great Lakes, Canadian tar sands, communities across the globe are seeing increased pipeline and other fossil fuel infrastructure development impacting clean water, native land and the climate. Take a stand for the land, and be a water protector.

Changing course away from the dominant, cannibalistic system–choosing the green path–takes courage. “The times mandate that we have courage,” LaDuke added. “The times do not mandate that we sit and debate things endlessly in our islands of political correctness. The times require that we take action and do the right thing.”

LaDuke cited the example of the rising resistance to fossil fuel infrastructure. She participated in the Dakota Access Pipeline protests at Standing Rock last year, where pipeline opponents invoked the term “water protector” to describe their position. “I’m very honored to be a water protector,” said Winona LaDuke.

Garment: Women's “relaxed fit,” Festival Sleeveless V 3.5 oz., 65/35 polyester/cotton jersey printed in gorgeous “black shimmer” ink - please wash cold inside out and either low delicate dry or hang dry.

Artwork by Christ Belcourt with Isaac Murdoch of the Onaman Collective, featuring Christi Belcourt's "Heart with a Fist" Water Protector image. . Here is an important initiative called that Honor the Earth supports: NIMKII AAZHIBIKONG Collective. Garment also features Honor The Earth’s beautiful floral “Water Protector,” logo on the garment designed by LittleRedfeather.

This is part of the HONOR THE EARTH: AKIING COMMUNITY ART AND SCREEN PRINTING DEVELOPMENT: Oozhitoon Onishishin - To make it Beautiful - Ji Misawaabandaaming - How we envision our future, is a worldview of positive thinking -

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