Last Standing Woman (History & Heritage)


The white man’s government would have flicked the Anishinaabeg aside, flicked them all aside with the stroke of a pen on a sheet of paper. Except the paper, the masiniaigin, was not the land and it was not the people and it was not the magic. It was just the paper.” Winona LaDuke

She told her husband, ‘You will never touch me again. You will freeze in your own glory.’ And she showed him her skinning knife…’You touch me again and you will be a rabbit, a waabooz. Aababishkaw, I will turn you inside out.’” Winona LaDuke, Last Standing Woman

REVIEWS: A powerful and poignant novel tracing the lives of seven generations of Anishinaabe (O)bwe/Chippewa).' impressive fiction debut....skillfully intertwines social history. oral myth and character study...." Publishers Weekly.

“A fine work; recommended for both public and academic libraries.” Library Journal

Published October 2009

Authored by Winona LaDuke

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