Oozhitoon Onishishin

- To make it Beautiful -

Ji Misawaabandaaming

- How we envision our future, is a worldview of positive thinking -

In Pine Point, on the White Earth Reservation, we are hosting lacrosse games for our children, installing solar panels on public housing, and painting beautiful murals.

Cultural Art to the Next Level - We are excited to announce we have launched our new screen printing operations, beading, sewing and culture fashion at Pine Point. Art, culture, and clean energy. A new future. We develop new projects and ideas every day while staying focused on what is most sacred to us; our water and the wild rice harvesting. All we want is to live the good life the Creator gave us which reflects in our art.

We worked really hard over the past year  to bring amazing cultural artwork to gifts and garments. In our art we demonstrated celebration of our “Water Protectors,” who are everywhere working hard to protect the lands, and water. 

We are very excited and cannot wait to show you what we will continue to bring through out the coming years.  New and fresh ideas, cultural iconic clothing  collection pieces, beadwork, embroidered patches and so much more. Our online shop for Honor the Earth proceeds go toward our initiatives to protect sacred lands, stop extreme fossil fuel extraction at the source by supporting frontline Native communities, art and cultural revitalization initiatives. 

Your purchase supports our work.

Christ Belcourt with Isaac Murdoch of the Onaman Collective have graciously with generosity gifted Honor the Earth their amazing artwork to share with the world. Here is their  important initiative that Honor the Earth supports: NIMKII AAZHIBIKONG Collective

 Nimkii Aazhibikong (pronounced Nim-key Ah-zh-ih-bih-coo-ng) is a place where youth and Elders come to connect to the land, each other and to pass down the language and traditional knowledge to the next generations.

Nimkii Aazhibikong means Village of Thunder Mountain. It’s the name given by Elders to a year-round Ojibway Art, Culture and Language Revitalization Camp being built by a community of youth, Elders and organizers located north of Elliot Lake, Ontario within traditional Anishinaabeg territory.

Nimkii Aazhibikong is an independent Indigenous led camp that is focused on connecting young people with elders for arts and cultural land-based teachings. The camp is an Ojibway language revitalization camp for youth that is working towards producing the next generation of fluent speakers on the land. Guided by elders, it is also a camp for cultural resurgence of sustainable Indigenous practices and restoration of traditional Indigenous land and resource protection and management.

They are not funded by governments or corporations. Our support has come from the grassroots and like minded groups. If you would like to support Nimkii Aazhibikong, we have many ways that you can help:

Check or money order to: Onaman Collective, P.O. Box 215, Cutler, ON, P5E 1K1
Etransfer or Paypal: onamancollective@gmail.com (please make the password “Onaman”)
Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/nimkii-aazhibikong-language-camp
We also have launched several t-shirt campaigns, all are available here: http://onamancollective.com/onaman-collective-t-shirts/

Follow our updates on our Facebook page: Nimkii Aazhibikong

Your purchase supports our work. This screen printing project is part of the ‘AKIING’ Programs.

Oozhitoon Onishishin

- To make it Beautiful -

Ji Misawaabandaaming

- How we envision our future, is a worldview of positive thinking -


We are extremely grateful for your support.  You make this movement possible!

We rely on your donations to sustain and grow our efforts to build a just, green economy in Native communities. Your contribution directly supports targeted organizing, strategic outreach, media and education campaigns, legal interventions, and renewable energy projects. We are up against some of the largest energy corporations and lobby groups in the world and we need your help to make real change!

If you prefer to donate by mail please make your check payable to “Honor the Earth” and send to:

Honor the Earth
PO Box 63
Callaway MN 56521

If you do want to donate online but your donation is larger than $2,000, please call our office at (218) 375-3200. Miigwech!

You can learn more at honorearth.org


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Gift Cards that Celebrates in Protecting the Earth. Profit proceeds Honor the Earth, and our work.

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We continue to strive on protecting the earth and water. We are currently seeking out organic / eco ink dyes, and clothing. If you are a vendor who would like to support this project, please contact us.